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Big Time Icons

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A community for Big Time Rush icons, gifs, and exciting contests

Hello and welcome to the Big Time Rush icon community. Here you can find and post Big Time Rush icons and graphics. Membership is open to everybody, so feel free to invite your friends and neighbors. Anyone can post icons, but entries are moderated to make sure the rules are followed.

Big Time Rules:
1) All icons should be related to Big Time Rush. Self-explanatory.
2) All icons should be in LiveJournal format: this means 100x100px and no more than 40kb.
3) You must have a three icon teasers and place the rest of the icons under a cut.
4) If you post a link to your personal journal/community, everyone in this community should be able to view the post. This means DO NOT LINK TO A FRIENDS-ONLY POST! You can post to this community and friend-lock it, but do not lead members to a locked journal.
5) Any questionable content (nudity, phallic symbols, etc.) should be friend-locked and have a warning.
6) Please no fanart (drawings and such), but image manipulations are more than welcome.

Big Time Contests Info:
We will have icontests once a week starting every Monday and ending every Saturday. Header contests will be held once a month, starting the first day of the month and ending on the 20th. Winners of the icontest will have their icon featured as the default until the next week. Winners of the header contest gets their header used in the layout for the month.

Rules are subject to change, so don't forget to check back every once in a while to make sure everyone is on the same page. If your entry was rejected, it just means you broke at least one of these rules, so don't get discouraged. It might be a good idea to save your posts as a draft so you won't have to repost everything again.

Let's get started!

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